Capturing the spirit of horology’s rich past and forging a new future for watchmaking

Our galaxy’s most innovative time reading instruments, Chronovisor watches are a seamless synthesis of traditional horological artisanship and pioneering Swiss technology. They evoke the spirit and tradition of centuries of watchmaking and are adorned with carefully curated aesthetics, encapsulating a powerful functionality.

Finest Material

We select only the finest of materials when crafting our timepieces, chosen for their reliability, durability and aesthetic properties. The result is a versatile watch that will rise to any challenge.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

In our quest to create timepieces that honor the horological traditions that form their conceptual genesis, exquisite craftsmanship is a fundamental. Accomplished artisans are responsible for the creation of every Chronovisor timepiece, curating a coalescence of quality and ingenuity.

Aesthetic Design

Inspired by the natural rhythm of the galaxy, Chronovisor timepieces are a fusion of motion and color. The visual elements are a symbolic homage to history’s greatest achievements and an expression of our aspirations for the future.

Advanced Technology

Mapping the future for horology, Chronovisor strives to pioneer new approaches to watchmaking. All timepieces are engineered with self-powered gas tubes, which emit a powerful luminescence. This technology does not require any batteries or external light source to operate, guaranteeing the wearer a flawless night vision function, even in space.

Inspired by a Myriad of Stars,
Engineered by Cosmic Ingenuity.

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Pioneer - A tough, rugged & stylish Swiss-design Chronovisor

Perfect night time readability All Chronovisor watches are equipped with self-powered gas tubes. This innovative Swiss technology places tritium in a tube which interacts with phosphorescent paint to emit light in a variety of colours.
Anti-corrosion The cases of the watches in the Pioneer collection have a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. DLC coating has properties comparable to the toughness and corrosion- resistance of diamonds. It is known for its superior durability and shields watches from the effects of daily wear.
Hypoallergenic The cases of the Pioneer collection watches are engineered with titanium. Titanium is an incredibly strong and durable element, but it is also very light. It is hypoallergenic, non-magnetic and has a naturally high resistance to corrosion. Titanium has the highest strength- to-weight ratio of all known metals.
Anti-ultraviolet ray The ceramic bezel is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, meaning the color and detail will not fade. The attractive appearance of the bezel is also protected by ceramic’s scratch-resistance, durability and ability to withstand chemical erosion.
Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal is used on the front and back of the case. Rated at 9 on the Mohs scale, which measures hardness, sapphire crystal is extremely scratch-resistant. Its application on the front and back of the case safeguards your watch from scratches and helps to keep it looking brand new for many years.
Shock resistant The Pioneer collection is engineered with a proprietary shock-resistant technology known as “Parashock”. This protects the balance of the movement, enhancing the robustness of the device and protecting its accuracy and longevity.
Water resistant Water-resistant to 100 meters, the screw-down crown is fitted with a sealing ring that is secured to the threaded pipe of the watch case, ensuring the watch is thoroughly protected when swimming or surfing.
Lightweight Weighing in at only 86 grams, the titanium case is incredibly strong without being burdensome. Titanium has a density of 4.5g/cm3, and is 45% lighter than steel.
Everlasting aesthetic Every Chronovisor timepiece undergoes 360 hours of rigorous mechanical testing before final approval. The combination of the finest, most durable materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensures each watch not only embodies our pioneering spirit, but possesses the resilience to last a lifetime.

Chronovisor - An Aesthetic Time Machine Built for a Lifetime Journey.