Time-Space Continuum, & The Final Frontier

Time, in the theory of relativity, together with Space to form four-dimensional space-time, which is the basic structure of the universe. In the theory of Cosmology, the expansion of the universe is no end, so the time should also be endless. Can mankind travel through time and space? Based on the general and special theories of relativity, time dilation can be caused by the speed and gravity.

In the past few decades, many Velocity and Gravitational time dilation tests were completed & have proven that the possibility of time travel. A time travel device which consists of a screen and tuning-dials, is known as a “chronovisor” and while it does not let a person “step into” history, it displays the sound and image so the user can “view” a window into the past.

A time machine, Chronovisor was built by Pellegrino Ernetti (1925–1994), an Italian priest and twelve scientists, with a team which included world-famous Nobel Prize Winners.

A True Story Behind Unique Design, Groundbreaking Innovation And Exquisite Craftsmanship

Taking inspiration from our namesake, a Chronovisor watch is both a window into the past and a glimpse of what is yet to come. Chronovisor is inspired by the rich history of horology. The solid foundation provided by the past is what our brand is built on. It is an enduring and longstanding legacy and is evocative of time travel in and of itself.

Of course, Chronovisor was always about respecting what the past has taught us, while still seeking out what the future has to offer. Here at Chronovisor, we have a strong belief in traditional craftsmanship as well as the advanced technology available today. We seek to unify art and science in our approach to developing all of our timepieces.

The notion that time travel is a real possibility is one of the factors which inspires our vision. In the same way as those who aspire to travel through time, we are seeking to redefine the boundaries of possibility. We accept nothing less than the very best from ourselves and our brand.