The Story of Chronovisor

In the 1950s, the legend of Chronovisor was born. A Catholic priest by the name of Father Pellegrino Ernetti is said to have developed a machine, subsequently labeled the “Chronovisor”, that would allow one to view images and scenes from the past.

A team of 12 scientists were reported to have clandestinely aided him, including renowned space architect Wernher von Braun and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi. Father Ernetti died in 1994, with the existence of the device remaining a fascinating mystery up to this very day.

For Chronovisor watches, this story served as the catalyst for their creation and an everlasting reminder to embrace the wonder that comes with discovery. Deriving inspiration from humankind's greatest achievements and most ambitious ideas, Chronovisor's watches are a crossover between the artisanship of yesteryear and the modern technology we have at our disposal today.

In the same way as those who aspire to travel through time, we are seeking to redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Time-Space Continuum & the Possibility of Time Travel.

The notion that time travel is a possibility is one factor which inspires the vision of Chronovisor. The Chronovisor logo is a symbolic representation of these beliefs. There have been many theories and much speculation regarding if and how the idea of traveling through time may be realized.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity correctly predicted that time travels slower for those moving at a faster pace. For example, a person who travels through space in a high speed rocket will experience time at a slower rate than those at rest or on earth, effectively ageing them at a slower pace. Time dilation tests in the years since this prediction have proved accurate.

For Chronovisor, human’s aspirations and ambitions inspire our vision. They are he catalyst in our desire to venture beyond what has come before and always strive to uncover new concepts and realize the ways in which these ideas can be brought to life.